Overall Health and Wellbeing

Acupuncture can treat a wide range of physical and emotional health problems, including:

• Painful or irregular periods
• Menopausal problems
• Flushes
• Painful breasts
• Bloating

CASE STUDY: Menopause
A woman in menopause came to me suffering from terrible sweats, hot flushes and also panic attacks. Every night in bed she would change her soaked T-shirt half a dozen times. She was so miserable. She was a high-achiever in the City but in Chinese medicine when a woman has worked too hard she will often suffer at menopause, a time of change. Treatment helped her regain a sense of herself. Her flushes were much less frequent and her night sweats were greatly reduced in frequency and intensity. It is essential for women to regain harmony approaching menopause, to prepare them for good health into later life.

CASE STUDY: Painful periods
A schoolgirl aged 18 came to me complaining of a crisis whenever she had a period. Every month her life would be turned upside down. She would be doubled up on the floor with vomiting and diarrhoea, and would often pass out. With treatment, she regained a normal life and no longer dreaded that time of the month.

• Headaches
• Acne
• Migraine
• Fatigue
• Dizziness
• Allergies
• Bronchitis
• Asthma
• Blood pressure
• Chest pains
• Breathlessness
• Ulcers
• Bowel problems
• Poor concentration and memory
• Heartburn

“I suffered appalling acne through my teenage years but when I had acupuncture it cleared up very quickly. I can’t believe I wasn’t told about it earlier – it seems a terrible shame for people to have to go through so much embarrassment for something that is treatable.”
Robbie, Warwickshire

CASE STUDY: Headaches
A single working mother of three in her late 30s came to me after suffering headaches every day for two months. She was desperate – I don’t know how she managed to care for her family. After one treatment she had immediate relief and was overjoyed. She had regular treatment for a few months and has since needed no further treatment. In my long experience acupuncture is very often successful for headaches and migraines.

CASE STUDY: Bowel Problems
A young mother came to me suffering from severe ulcerated colitis and was on heavy medication. Her consultant told her she would soon need a colostomy. I treated her very regularly and gave her dietary advice until all the bleeding and discomfort had stopped. She then gradually eased off her medication. Her consultant – an eminent surgeon at a leading teaching hospital - said it was a 'miracle' and asked to meet me to discover how I had been able to help what he considered to be an untreatable case. We had a very valuable discussion. She has moved abroad but contacts me every Christmas, is still symptom-free and has since had two more lovely children.

CASE STUDY: Gallstones
The husband of one of my patients was suffering severe pain from gallstones. I treated him with acupuncture, dietary advice and patent herbs and after the first treatment the discomfort radically subsided. This progress continued with further treatment. It is much better and we are keeping an eye on it with treatments every few months.

• Arthritis
• Back pain
• Sciatica
• Stiff neck
• Frozen shoulder
• Painful knees
• Sprains

CASE STUDY: Frozen Shoulder
A woman in her 50s was unable to raise her right arm above shoulder height. (In parts of the East they call frozen shoulder 'Fifty Shoulder'.) I gave her acupuncture combined with treatment from my special heat lamp plus herb plasters. I also prescribed an exercise programme tailored to her problem. After six treatments she had gained full mobility. She also found the oedema (swelling) in her legs had been cured through my general treatment – just in time for a family wedding so she was no longer self-conscious about her legs.

• Insomnia
• Depression
• Stress
• Anxiety, panic attacks
• Phobias
• Addictions
• Smoking
• Weight problems

TESTIMONIAL: Stress and Palpitations
“I went to Anne during a very stressful period at work when I was feeling as though my head was full of cotton-wool. I couldn’t sleep properly and I couldn’t think properly. I was getting palpitations at night and was getting very angry. My wife recommended me to see Anne and I’m glad I did. Her treatments were incredibly relaxing, the palpitations really eased off and most importantly for me, I could think again.”
John, London

CASE STUDY: Stress and Decision-making
A banker was having major work problems because, as his stress increased, he was finding it impossible to make decisions both at work and at home. Through treatment his stress level reduced and he began to have a vision for his work and his home life. He made a crucial career move and decisions at home became much easier. Understandably he was very relieved.

CASE STUDY: Sleeplessness / Panic attacks
A teacher had been unable to sleep for more than four hours since her children were born and was exhausted. She found the treatment incredibly relaxing (most people do) and her normal sleep pattern returned. She felt much better, found that she was suffering much less frequent panic attacks - and felt that she could face her life once more.

Ear, Nose & Throat
• Tinnitus
• Vertigo
• Sinusitis
• Catarrh
• Hay fever
• Sore throat
• Ear pain

“Anne’s sensitive treatment greatly improved my general health. I have suffered from hayfever since childhood but I was delighted this year to experience my first sneeze-free summer. I was completely symptom-free, with no need for antihistamine tablets or nasal sprays. I found the treatment painless and would not hesitate to recommend Anne.”
Eileen, London

CASE STUDY: Vertigo and Tinnitus
A working woman in her 30s woke every morning feeling as if the room was spinning and with severe ringing in her ears. Understandably this was driving her crazy. After about six treatments she was cured.

Facial rejuvenation is a technique increasingly sought as an alternative to botox and face-lifts. I use fine acupuncture needles on the face or body to smooth lines, help lift and firm the face and help the vitality of the skin, giving it a 'glow'. This technique is normally given over 10 treatments. After a few weeks, I expect to see improvement every week until the end of the course. I also give dietary and lifestyle advice and advise on facemasks, depending on skin type. I prefer to combine cosmetic acupuncture with a general treatment to help well-being, which in its own right makes people look more energetic, as well as feel better.