Anne is one of the most empathetic acupuncturists I have ever been to. Her blend of five elements and traditional Chinese acupuncture is highly effective at restoring balance both physically and emotionally. I first went to her with eczema problems with which she helped enormously. I then saw her regularly to maintain a general health balance. She is extremely intuitive, instinctive and a great listener who genuinely wants to take the whole picture of your life and health into account before, and while, treating you. I recommend her highly.

I first saw Anne after a year of trying to conceive a second child. I was feeling very low about the whole thing and she was so understanding and positive, I felt instantly comfortable and safe. Over the next year and a half I had regular acupuncture during fertility treatments. All the while, Anne remained a calming, listening presence and her sessions always helped to relieve the stress I was experiencing, and helped me to feel that I could cope with the, at times, very challenging and heart-breaking experiences of medical treatment.

Anne always remained positive and supportive - this gave me great strength. She had really helpful suggestions about diet and lifestyle as she believed it would be best for me to fall pregnant naturally, which she always maintained, even when I was sceptical. After 3 failed IUI treatments and 1 IVF treatment, Anne and I persisted with the acupuncture as well as other lifestyle changes and finally, to our great delight, I conceived naturally. Simon and I believe firmly that acupuncture played a massive part in helping us to get pregnant.

I carried on having acupuncture right up to the birth of little Louis and he is a real testament to its benefits. He has been a calm, settled, healthy and happy baby from Day 1. We also decided to learn about acupressure from Anne in preparation for labour, which proved to be an invaluable tool for coping with the physical and emotional challenges of birth.

Finally, I have to say that a year after giving birth I feel better than I have for years. I am physically and emotionally stronger and have much more energy than I had before embarking on my acupuncture journey some three years ago, even though I'm running after two busy boys! I am convinced Anne's acupuncture has been instrumental in bringing me to this place. We will never be able to thank her enough for everything she has done for us as a family.

I am the deputy head of science at a large comprehensive school, married with two children and living with my father-in-law. I went to see Anne because I hadn't slept properly since my first daughter was born five years ago, waking every night and being unable to sleep. This, compounded with the stress of my job and family life, was starting to have quite a negative impact upon my mental health.

Anne was referred to me by a friend who had a similar problem and found her treatment really helpful. Anne asked me about many aspects of my life before treating me, which I found very therapeutic. During the treatment, I would always enter into an incredibly restful dream sleep and awake feeling very calm. I slept much better on the nights after the treatments. I still wake up most nights but I can now fall asleep quite quickly again, something I could not do before, which has definitely led to more sleep.

I first consulted Anne in 1999 when I was suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) during pregnancy, which left me unable to sleep peacefully and without pain. The hospital provided me with wrist braces to wear during the night but these proved unhelpful and added to the discomfort. Anne came highly recommended to me as a trusted and experienced acupuncturist for pregnancy. Following a thoroughly professional and detailed discussion of my medical history, she outlined the areas where she felt I could benefit from acupuncture and then set about a course of treatment which was neither painful nor unpleasant. Surprisingly it was quite the contrary, leaving me relaxed and re-energised but, most importantly for me at the time, the symptoms of CTS completely vanished.

Following this success, I have always considered acupuncture as the way forward for other ailments and indeed have enjoyed treatment from Anne spanning the last ten years. She has helped to effectively combat a variety of problems and occasionally, when I'm lacking in energy and feeling low emotionally, helped me to feel re-energised, far more consistent emotionally and very much lifted in myself.

Anne is professional, enthusiastic and inspiring. You always come out of a treatment feeling enlightened, well and upbeat.

Anne is a very skilled, professional and compassionate acupuncture practitioner, I recommend her without reservation. She treated me over several years for mild chronic fatigue and irritable bowel/digestive issues stemming from parasitic infections I contracted in India. Through her careful and considered treatment she was able to raise my energy levels gradually, in a sustainable way. I recovered completely and give full credit to Anne, who succeeded when specialist doctors weren't able to figure my problems out.

Anne has a reassuringly deep understanding of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and applies her knowledge in a tailored way, responding to how the client is feeling on the day. She's warm and kind, listens carefully and respectfully and works in a holistic, intuitive and responsive way. She has always treated me as a unique individual and her treatment is effective on many levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have returned to see Anne from time to time for minor problems and have found her equally effective for the small things as well as bigger complaints.